• How Good Is Your Laundry Repair Service?

    Does one run a commercial laundry service, if so then what is the most important thing about running your business? Well surely it is important about it has to be keeping your machines running at all times, it is not just about winning as much business as you can as if ones machines are consistently breaking down, then all the new business in the World is not going to help you in the long run.

    So why not take some time to consider what maintenance service your laundry service and repair agreement currently offers you. You may be perfectly happy with should never agreement, however this could be because non-e of your machines have actually gone wrong as of today, so the question is usually how fast will they be repaired if something does go wrong? Also what will be the impact for a business if they are not prepared quickly? As an example if you are running a 24/7 operation, as many commercial laundries are, precisely what trouble will your business be in if you are without a roller iron for two or three days or longer, and one out of your two main washing machines cannot be repaired for a week?

    For most laundry businesses these repair circumstances could prove absolutely catastrophic and result in the loss of major clients and potentially be so bad on their effect that you have to close your business. Often you will not realise this danger until it is too late. Therefore An excellent opportunity that you take a good look at your commercial laundry repair services agreement in some detail and see what amount of protection it actually provides you with.

    It could be that you purchased machines at a very low cost and they seem to run well also, you are perfectly happy with them, however you really do need to check the small print for what kind of commercial laundry repair product you get in the event of a breakdown.

    With any industrial wash, dry, fold Hampton, Va provider you need to be asking the question how easily will they come out to you, and most importantly how fast do they guarantee to rectify the carelessness? If they cannot rectify the fault within the time stated in the agreement, will they provide a replacement machine to assist you? You also need to ask what level of spares they are carrying as it is no use having a very fast call available time, if it takes two or three weeks for them to get the spare parts to carry out the repair.

    So why not look into your commercial repair service agreement today to see what you are really getting.

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  • How Does a Laundry Company Track Their Linens?

    Sow how does a hospital laundry service with multiple clients keep track of all of the incoming and outgoing items to ensure that people get back to the right facilities, and in an efficient manner? The technology has grown increasingly sophisticated in the past couple of a long time. Tracking systems are particularly crucial when dealing with unique items like personalized lab coats or uniforms, for a medical laundry service would.

    There are two main types of systems: radio-frequency identification (RFID) and bar code. RFID is the technology used in the microchips inserted into pets so that they can be identified and returned property if they get lost. Since RFID is the more modern, efficient one, we will focus most of our particular attention on how that works in tracking laundry.

    RFID Systems

    In an RFID system, a tag or processor chip is attached to each towel, sheet, garment, or other item. In some cases, they are installed by the manufacturer. With others, items are tagged by the laundry. The tags/chips are available with low frequency (LF), high occurrence (HF) or ultra-high frequency (UHF) radio bands. The tags have a strong, yet small, thin nasty casing that does not interfere with an item's use, but can withstand harsh commercial laundry processes that employ very hot water and chemicals for up to hundreds of washings.

    How RFID Tracking Works

    Antennas linked to readers they fit in locations where items pass by or are stored at key points during their time at the laundry product. This includes entrances, soiled linen bins, clean linen hampers, and uniform racks. Entire bins of sheet set can be scanned at one time. The reader is linked to a software system that collects and manages the details. The system also allows a laundry to inventory its hotel, restaurant, and hospital linens quickly and additionally accurately, with little manpower needed.

    Bar Code Labeling

    Bar coding is an older, simpler technology as compared to RFID. It is generally less expensive, but not as efficient for tracking large amounts of inventory. A bar coupon labeling system, which is essentially what is used in stores to bring up the price and other information on the items we get, records information on each item, such as when it was issued, how many times it has been processed, and when it was previous turned in.

    RFID versus Bar Coding

    Bar code labeling usually requires the labeled item to remain within the sight line of the reader, and therefore necessitates that an employee is there to operate the reader. Most RFID readers remain in a fixed location, and items can be read even if they are not directly in front of it. Employees don't operate the readers.
    Bar codes can read just one item at a time, while RFID systems can look over multiple tags simultaneously.
    RFID tags can be read at much greater distances (up to over 100 yards) as opposed to about five yards for a bar code.
    RFID readers can read much faster - a few hundred or more tags per second.
    A bar code is read-only, while most RFID tags can study and write, which means that new information can be written over existing information. It is something like the difference concerning readable/writable CDs and readable ones.
    RFID tags can identify each tagged item individually, while most watering hole codes can only identify the type of item.
    Some large laundry companies, such as those that handle medical bed sheets for multiple hospitals, put both RFID tags and bar code labels on each of their solutions. The bar code is there as a backup in case the RFID system fails to read an item. However , RFID tags are nearly 100% accurate.

    How Tracking Improves Laundry Services

    Tracking systems improve efficiency in addition to reduce the time and effort involved in processing, shipping and receiving at a laundry facility. They allow business owners to monitor every item in their inventory from purchase to rag-out. They provide an accurate inventory, so that laundry companies do not have to run short of healthcare linens, tablecloths or any items they handle. The more advanced tracking systems can also generate billing reports when items are shipped to customers.

    As Steve Kallenbach, a former person in the American Laundry News Panel of Experts, notes, "If you don't have good reconciliation processes, any of these solutions will only allow you to know what's missing! " However , tracking systems can go a long way towards helping professional medical laundry services and other laundry companies operate more efficiently.

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